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Love Aviation Electronics TrainingLove Aviation has been providing FCC Commercial training courses and FCC Commercial Exams since 1996. Some of our most successful graduates come from organizations such as American Airlines, Burlington Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, Southwestern Bell, Valor Telecom, MCI, United Airlines, TIMCO, Atlantic Aero, US Airways, Cessna Citation and Military Sites such as Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Love Aviation is headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, but offers courses in many cities in Texas and throughout the U.S.

General Radio Operator License (GROL)
A GROL License is required to adjust, maintain or internally repair FCC-licensed radiotelephone transmitters in the aviation, maritime and international fixed public radio services. The General Radiotelephone Operator License conveys all of the operating authority of the Marine Radio Operator Permit (MROP). A GROL is also required to operate high power commercial and pleasure maritime HF radio stations.

Radar Endorsement
The ship radar endorsement may be placed only on GROL, GMDSS/O or GMDSS/M licenses. Only persons whose commercial radio operator license bears this endorsement may repair, maintain or internally adjust ship radar equipment. Needed: Element 8 as an add-on to GROL.

GMDSS Operator Course
The GMDSS/O (Global Maritime Distress Safety System - operator) is required for operation of the new satellite based marine emergency sub-systems and equipment. It does not authorize repair and maintenance of GMDSS equipment. GMDSS will eventually replace all Radiotelegraph certificates as Morse code is phased out on high seas. Pre-requisite is Element 1. Needed: Element 7

GMDSS Radio Maintainer Course
The GMDSS/M (Global Maritime Distress Safety System - Radio Maintainer) is required to repair and maintain satellite based marine emergency sub-systems and equipment. It does not authorize operation of GMDSS equipment. Pre-requisite is Element 1 and 3. Needed: Element 9.

Associate Certified Electronic Technician Course (NEW)
Basic AC & DC Theory, Basic Electronic Math, AC Circuits, DC Circuits, Transistors and Semiconductor Devices, Electronic Circuit Components, Test Instruments, Electronic Test and Measurement, Electronic Circuit Troubleshooting.

Journeyman (Communication) CET Course (NEW)
Basic Communications Circuits and Components, AM & FM Transmitters, Communications Receivers, Communications Systems.

Introduction to Electronics Technology (NEW)
Extensive Theory And Lab/Hands-On Projects. Call for details and prices.

Introduction to Fiber Optics (NEW)
Theory And Lab/Hands-On Projects. Call for details and prices.


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